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Street Nurses
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15th anniversary

20km of Brussels

Together, let's end homelessness !

At Street nurses, as a medico-social organization, we are convinced that the end of homelessness in Brussels, Liège and elsewhere is possible.

Since 2005 in Brussels, and 2019 in Liège, we have been contributing to this by providing sustainable housing for the most vulnerable homeless people in terms of health.

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[Together,] let's end homelessness ! [Together,] let's end homelessness !

Street Nurses, it's...

166 rehoused people
306 followed people in 2020
21182 patient procedures in 2020

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Wow, what a transformation!

When you entered our follow-up, Mr. N.*, we had to collect a maximum of data concerning you, in order to accompany you as well as possible. That's when I received an e-mail from a member of your network that took me aback. It was a rather discouraging message, saying that you had chosen to live on the street anyway and that you had always refused to live in housing. This is obviously not the first time I've heard this kind of thinking, but it's still surprising. So let's drop it?

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The importance of a care partner

Mr. K. has been followed up by Street Nurses for almost 4 years.  He lost his first home, which did not suit him as it was too isolated and made him loose his bearings. He could not cope with the situation and, unfortunately, landed, after a short time, back on the street. The street: that’s what he knew too well as he had lived there for dozens of years. Like most homeless people, he suffered from serious physical health and addiction problems.

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The magic of Love

Mr. J. lived on the street for a very long time. For years he slept in a tent near a Brussels quarter where people knew and liked him. When we met him, he was physically in bad shape, hygienically completely neglected. Our team took the time necessary to get to know him while he was the one who made us laugh with his jokes. His sense of humor was totally intact.

But gradually Mr. J. also let his gloomier side shine trough. Ever more often he was overwhelmed by his inner injuries. It became clear to us that he was suffering from deep solitude, immense sadness.

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